about the magazine

Maidenhair Press is a female founded magazine based in Brisbane, Australia. The women who run the magazine are university students in Queensland. They create engaging content covering a variety of subjects across arts, media, music, food, lifestyle and more. 

As a platform for up and coming artists in music, photography, writing and art, this magazine creates a voice for those who need to share it. It gives an opportunity for people to be understood and share their ideas and passions. 

Not only will the magazine cover peoples arts and the work they do within them, it gives an opportunity for personal opinions to be voiced in a particular way. Column writing is a way in which people can comedically and lightheartedly look at the world and share their view in a simple and universally understood way.

Our vision is to create a magazine that can be read not only by people a similar age to the writers, but for other generations to gain an understanding and insight into the world to be and the people who will soon run it. 

Take a look into the minds of young, creative, likeminded people and see how we see the world. 

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the team

It is definitely not a one woman show at Maidenhair Press. We have a brilliant team who make this all possible. With our founder and Editor in Chief, Kate King leading the way. Read below to know a little more about the Editor and the magazine’s main contributors.

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After studying for two years at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), I changed my major twice and had no idea what career path I wanted to take. These bumps on the road led me to starting this magazine. 

I started the magazine as a hope to publish my work alongside other young, up and coming journalists and writers. By creating a platform for other artists and helping them become recognised is something that has driven me to write.

I discovered my passion for writing attending a creative industries high school in Brisbane. I began writing screen plays, short stories and other analytical pieces. It was then when I came to the dismal truth that was to be my veterinary career, journalism was my next calling.

What is to come of my writing as a young journalist is unknown. I hope you enjoy what we publish at Maidenhair Press and find some insight into the lives I see around me. 

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Instagram: @kate_king98

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blanca Arcayos

editorial manager & columnist

My name is Blanca and I am the Editorial Manager which covers most of the behind-the-scenes of the magazine. I also dabble in writing columns and reviews from time to time. When I’m not spending my time on the magazine, I also attend university at QUT studying communications and glued to my TV watching anything and everything.

When Kate first approached me about Maidenhair Press, I had the same nervous excitement everyone gets when trying something new. For myself, I have never expressed myself creatively like this so this has been a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, and I haven’t looked back since.

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andi lopez


My name is Andi and I am a column writer for Maidenhair Press. When I'm not working my desk job I like to paint and draw, however Maidenhair is my main creative outlet. I write about fashion and life advice as these are the things I'm most passionate about. 

I am vastly influenced by the strong female figures in my life, so it is an honour to be a part of a project run by them and given a platform to express myself freely!

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cam vellacott

My names Cameron Vellacott and I am currently a QUT student studying Media and communications, with one year left in the course. Since venturing through the course, and wandering through life itself, I've found the film and music industry thoroughly interesting. I am eager to continue writing about these little crevices of the industries, aiming to probe some thought. Outside writing, I'm an avid fan of all sports. Hopefully you enjoy reading my work.