Azura: Close To Home


The gentle melodies and ethereal voice that is Azura reverberates not only in her music, but in her creation and the love she has for her family and friends. Her music is a funky pop-electronic fusion that’s both relaxing and uplifting. Azura began creating music at the age of 12 and wanted to step outside of the musical score and define her own sound.

“I started writing when I was 12, I was learning the piano and really hated obeying the score. I was listening to ‘Kids’ by MGMT one day and decided that I wanted to be a musician. I definitely wasn’t good to begin with, but my friends and family have been super supportive in my development.”

Azura makes her music for her family and friends and they are the driving force behind her first EP, Mars Violet. The collection of songs that transpired over four years of her life are an ode to those close to her, she says “Mars Violet is mostly inspired by the people in my life - but also by faith, travel and my first relationship.”

Source: Azura

Source: Azura

Although her songs surround somewhat serious aspects of her life, the fun still oozes in her music and is evident at her live shows. When defining her sound she says she wanted to have a boogie at her shows, “I grew up listening to So Fresh Hits so that kind of electro sound has always been in my veins. I find defining my sound super difficult - I guess it’s most impacted by what I’m listening to and my taste has progressively swayed back to my pop upbringing.” The inspiration for her songs, aside from her family and friends, also come from intense curiosities with the everyday and somewhat abnormal, “I’m inspired by a lot of things though - late nights, guide dogs and bad graffiti. It doesn’t take much to spark my curiosity.”

Within the music industry, young artists, particularly females, are growing more in popularity with songs that can define female empowerment and be uplifting to other women. Azura says that, “it can sometimes be assumed that because I’m a solo female artist - that means that I’m only a singer. I enjoy breaking the assumption that women can’t produce, mix or know about the more technical side of music making. Having a solid group of female friends helps empower me to work in an industry with such poor stats regarding gender diversity.” But she also outlined that she has worked with some wonderful men so far in her career and gender discrimination is something she fortunately hasn’t endured yet.

Source: Azura

Source: Azura

Starting off as a solo artist can always feel daunting and for some a doomed cause, but some advice that can be followed by many starting out is, “No matter how important music is, put humans first. I think it’s super easy to become wildly ambitious and have your eyes set on the flashing lights of the industry. I’ve found my family and friends to be much more important - and my music is for them anyway. Take care of yourself mentally and do what you can to be selfless with your music making.”

Azura is sure to make strides within the industry with her music, and as an independent female musician. Her outlook on being a good human being and treating others accordingly is an example she has set and is sure to continue into the future. Her respect for the industry and diversity as a producer as well as singer are attributes to her character and are definitely reflected in her beautiful music.

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