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Carrie Pilby by Blanca Arcayos.

Everyone loves an underdog, and when it comes to movies nothing beats a quiet Friday night than a wholesome indie flick. Carrie Pilby directed by Susan Johnson is quite underrated in the indie film sector. Based on the novel with the same title by Caren Lissner, the film follows the life of Carrie Pilby, a nineteen-year-old British girl living in New York City who has recently graduated from Harvard. Graduating university at eighteen years old, let alone graduating from Harvard doesn’t sound quite right. Because, she’s an exceptionally academically intelligent young woman. Being emotionally intelligent and a woman however, are what she’s trying to navigate in this film through her exploration into budding friendships, romantic relationships, and what makes her happy. Relatable, right? One way to describe this film is Good Will Hunting with more clichés, and who doesn’t love a good cliché? Bel Powley’s performance of Carrie Pilby will keep you watching with her odd half-American, half-British accent and her brash social awkwardness.


Carrie Pilby is available to watch on Netflix, YouTube movies, and iTunes.