Sexy and Sun Safe

Written by Daniela Verde

Sexy and sun safe are not a typical pairing. But within the interest of self-care… maybe they should go together.


No matter where you are in Australia it’s not a question of if, but varying degrees of how hot is it? It’s like there’s a competition describing in many different and creative ways of how hot it is where you are currently standing.


Everyone should be exercising some concern about sun safety. Admittedly, we all ignore the very real facts about the detrimental effects of sun damage (it’s more common than you think). You’ve heard it all before, so I won’t repeat it. Personally, sun damage wasn’t in my area of concern until it became anecdotal. As I have naturally tanned skin, it wasn’t until another friend of mine with tanned skin told me that they’ve had to get a melanoma taken out… more than once. It was then when I realized that I wasn’t superhuman and that a similar fate could be brought upon me.


So, how do you become sexy when you’re being sun safe? Simple, your skin won’t look like dried fruit. If that isn’t enough motivation, imagine where the money you spend on remedying sun damage could go to… A coffee and avocado on toast?! Think of the possibilities…


Once you’ve incorporated something to protect yourself from the sun as part of your everyday routine, it will be like brushing your teeth. Given that you do brush your teeth regularly…


Here are a few ways of incorporating sun safety as part of your everyday routine:


Applying sunscreen before every daytime outing.

This one is extremely obvious, but few actually do it. Forget all the misconceptions that justify you not having to put on sunscreen every time you leave the house. Those UV rays will find a way. Understandably, it’s hard to find a sunscreen that won’t make you feel sticky, with a high SPF. Mecca Cosmetica has a sunscreen range for face and body, ranging from SPF 30 and 50. They’re lightweight, non-oily, and doesn’t leave a white cast.


Invest in a pair of UV protected sunglasses.

My mum always nagged me to always wear my sunglasses. Although her reasoning was more for beauty preservation measures. Which was to prevent crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are the wrinkles in the eye area, usually caused by contracting the muscles on your face like, squinting. UV protected sunglasses not only shield your eyes but it’s also more comfortable not to squint, surprisingly. Most sunglasses are UV protected but you should double check that they have a sticker saying so (UV protected sunglasses range from category two to four), or ask a staff member at the store. A good rule of thumb is buying sunglasses from a retailer. It’s very likely that those knock off Ray Bans from a stall in Bali are not UV protected.


Add a hat to your outfit.

Hats are becoming more versatile and can dress your look up or down. Gone are the days when it was just caps or wide brim. Even bucket hats are back. With each type of hat, there’s heaps of stylish designs to choose from. It doesn’t have to be from some trendy store either, department stores are catching on. Personally, hearing anything under $10 is music to my ears.