Each issue we bring you an eclectic group of people in film, music, visual art, performance, research, dance and so on. All of these artists are phenomenal at what they do and we feel that they deserve to have their amazing work showcased and recognised. 


Starting a discussion about the elephant in the concert room.

Dr. Bianca Fileborn may seem an unlikely person to be tackling heavy topics such as sexual violence, quiet and well kept, she is doing important work to ensure the safety of music lovers. Her research in sexual violence and assault in music venues and music festivals has created a spotlight on the importance of these issues..


The integrity of hip-hop and a name changing the game.

Sydney based hip hop and rap artist Matt Tolton, or Mvtthew, previously known as Lil Custard, is up and coming in the style. He’s an interesting character, who although doesn’t take life too seriously his music has become a big part of his identity.


Find your lines and blur them

BLUR is the new heart and soul of the Brisbane LGBTQ community. Albert, Tessa and Sven, three creatives living in Brisbane, took a chance and an opportunity to create a space unlike any other in the Brisbane club scene.