It's all Peachy - Elliot Cox

“When people keep telling you you’re good at something, you just keep doing it.” Making it in the industry as a young musician is no menial task. If you’re in it, you’re in it. Singer/songwriter Elliot Cox is working to become a successful musician, although his success may not necessarily see him in the limelight or on the front page of a magazine with some scandal.

Dylan Nash Photography

Dylan Nash Photography


“I’m a bit deep in now so I may as well keep going… People see success in the creative industries as being famous and all that, I could sell out little shows till I was sixty and it would be cool”. Although he emulates a humble aura, Elliot’s songs ooze cockiness and confidence which creates for entertaining music. “There’s so many things in this song that are so cocky of me, this second verse says, ‘you’ll read about me in the papers, tell your friends about me, tell your sister’ because all my mates have hot sisters”.


Peaches and Cream are Elliot’s EP, with acoustic, pop sounds and a relaxed vibe he will be releasing it for listening online for free! His nonchalant approach to music and the way he creates is juxtaposed by his long hours of work and intense dedication to the album.


“I wrote peaches and cream when I quit Macca’s… It was a don’t worry be happy sort of song”. The title song of the EP itself gives a sense of calm and easiness. When asked how the title came to fruition, with an intention for an answer of mass proportion he simply replied, “I just thought it was a cool title, to be honest”.


Elliot moved from the UK when he was nine, and discovered he enjoyed music when he had to do it was required in school. It then moved from that to classes that worked to his advantage to further his passion. “They had this boys choir, you get to miss an afternoon of class, they give you a pair of drumsticks and you get to smack chairs to rhythms and sing Green Day… I was like yes this is great!”


Although he started his music career at a young age, he’s come a long way and still has a way to go, “I still don’t feel like I’m really good at guitar… I mean I go to the con, there’s kids doing production and they’re just freaks…”. Elliot attends the Conservatorium of Music at Griffith University in Brisbane, which is a music university for elite musicians and prodigy producers. Cox studies a Bachelor of Music Technology alongside fellow musician and up and coming producer Sam Hogg, “He’s a freak! he just knew so much, he had done studio stuff before he even did the degree and somehow we just teamed up and I just kept writing songs and he kept recording them”. Elliot opened for Hogg’s brother Jamie’s EP launch earlier in the year, playing alongside other young artists as well as playing small gigs here and there.


“It’s just emailing and knowing people like I’ll help my friends out and them helping me out… I opened for some of my friends and they’ll open for me… You go to gigs and you meet other people, if there’s a band that you like you just keep going to their gigs… when you go to local gigs you can meet the band afterwards, I don’t think people realise that”.


Elliot’s approach to meeting people at gigs is a simple yet effective one, “If I play gigs and meet people after it brings them back if you chat to everyone… It’s being a people person, if you can’t do that just get drunk, couple of tequilas, you’ll be sweet”.


Elliot Cox’s EP Peaches and Cream launches on the 8th of February in West End, Brisbane.