Keeping Fashion Weird - Kimbralou

Fashion is a universally empowering medium, allowing people to express their freedoms, sexuality and individuality. Kimbra, the mastermind behind Kimbralou, is changing the game. Described as the CEO of the Power Pussy she is creating a new era of fashion to empower minorities.


“As my daughters were growing up and with their friends, I’ve always spoken about being a power pussy, now I’m the CEO of Power Pussy Inc… I talked to these girls about owning themselves and being unique no matter what”. Not only has Kimbra been a powerhouse mother, but has provided bright and intricate collage fashion for the LGBTQ community.


“The couple of models that I scouted here and one is an actual drag queen and they’ve got a show that’s emerging and becoming more popular called BLUR… Albert and Sven are my main boys… I just love them! I’m absolutely just feeding on their creative energy… they’re both just unique”. Since Kimbralou started five months ago, Kimbra has had a successful runway show in the RAW exhibition which exhibited her vibrant work through her array of models.


“I’m very loose with everything and I’m happy to share anything… as long as you can own the piece I put you in on the runway, you’re in”. The models are an arrangement of drag queens from Brisbane, strippers and professional models who were drawn to her fashion.


Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.50.40 PM.png

The pieces created by the artist are thrifted completely, with every inch of the work being bought secondhand and recycled. “The images and the threads, the cotton and even the sewing machine, it’s all thrifted”. Kimbra’s approach to her work comes in a way that many artists wish they could experience naturally. “I totally relax with it and I find it comes to me, it sounds really weird, I just let it happen organically and as I’m going around I just buy it, pick it up and let it come to me”. Her vision is executed in her work and is evidently an expression of what loud designs come to her.


Kimbralou itself began as a hobby for Kimbra, as she works professionally as a nurse. “I’m just flying with the journey, at the end of the day I’m a cardiology nurse, this is a hobby as has been selling second-hand fashion and the toys… it’s all a hobby”.


Kimbra’s passion for second-hand fashion came from her daughters love for PVC toys. After incorporating the toys into fashion, she moved to bigger things. “I saw there was fashion laying on the ground for next to nothing so we incorporated collectable toys with fashion… to this day we still do that… “I saw on Instagram that the Brisbane workshop people had an embroidery workshop with this girl called Harley who was a collage artist… I went and did that just to meet her… I just had this feeling, I had to meet this girl for some reason, I didn’t know why”.


Her meeting with a fellow artist inspired her collage art. Her work is a mixture of popular culture, using famous quotes and images and mashing them together. Some of her work strongly expresses her cheekier side and some her strong, independent side. “Because I’m a hustler by trade, I need to hustle a good price and I’m in the know of how to get the pieces, I’m always able to know what’s in fashion and also know where to get the good pieces for cheap”.


Kimbralou is a breakthrough fashion label, with works heavily influencing and becoming involved with the LGBTQ community, being worn to drag shows in Brisbane and in the future well beyond. “Where to for Kimbralou? Who knows! It’s been a crazy journey, I still to this day don’t know how I got onto the runway.”


“Just let it go and let it come naturally.”