Good Listen

By Alexis Yorkston

If you’ve ever longed for the perfect mix of ambient soulful indie to soundtrack a bubble bath, look no further than FELIVAND. Brisbane based, FELIVAND, is the creative project of Felicity Vanderveen, an artist and multi-instrumentalist who writes and produces all of her own music from her home studio. Since the formation of FELIVAND in 2016, 13 tracks have been uploaded to Soundcloud. Each and every song is unique and falls somewhere on the sliding scale between lo-fi indie-pop and dreamy soul. FELIVAND also has a strong live music presence, having opened for acts like ASTA, APES and, most recently, Tyne-James Organ, as well as regularly performing alongside local acts. ‘Tiresome’, one of FELIVAND’s most popular tracks, has clocked up over 55,000 listens on Soundcloud and over 165,000 on Spotify since its release in August last year. Teaming heavenly vocals, ethereal instrumentals and sophisticated lyrics to form one trance-inducing song, ‘Tiresome’, and all of FELIVAND’s catalogue, is sure to make you stop thinking for at least a moment and to appreciate the sweet sounds caressing your ears.

Favourite tracks: ‘Tiresome’ and ‘Devil Like Me’

Sounds like: Mallrat on a downer






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