Editor's note

Image by: Andi Lopez

Image by: Andi Lopez

Once again we have reached the release of another issue. Past issues have allowed us to grow, but I feel particularly proud of this issue. Choosing to centre our issue around International Women’s Day meant that we had an opportunity to have our voices heard, and on our own terms.

We have no intentions to scream from the rooftops messages of women deserving this and that, but rather we wanted to have an opportunity to celebrate all that women have done in the arts and business. As progressive as we have become in 2019, there are still ways in which women’s work and opportunities are overshadowed by others. When we feel we are given an opportunity to show our work and be proud of it, we should take it guilt free and work full steam ahead to show people what we’ve got.

I realised some time ago that I have a responsibility as Editor in Chief of the magazine to create opportunities for women and to share their messages on a positive platform. Although opportunities may not arise for some in future, I want this to be a space in which I can provide that for others. The underestimation of the power and influence that women hold is so large.

This issue we have had the chance to interview and work with some truly powerful women. We did our largest shoot to date with three wonderful women. Andi Lopez has encompassed the power that confidence in fashion can have for women and has curated a beautiful, fun shoot with these women. Having the opportunity to meet them and hear about their experiences and relate to their struggles and applaud their triumphs was eye opening in the way that women empower each other, even in the smallest moments.

In our columns, our writers have taken the opportunity to shower their favourite influential women with praise and outline why they are such unique people. The group of women we have chosen to talk about in the columns are so diverse not only in their career, but in what they stand for as women.

Our cover artist, Hayley Franklin, has brought us a beautiful, original piece of work for this issue. The image is a self portrait of herself and depicts influential women in the art industry. This cover is very different from other we have had designed because it depicts both the artists of the work and other phenomenal women.

Reading everyone's columns, interviewing the women we have for the features, and working with such amazing people brings me to tears. It makes me realise how important we as women are and also proud to say that I am apart of such a supportive community. All of these women show potential and have already found success in what they do, I’m sure you will all see that and don’t need me to harp on further.

I hope you all enjoy this issue as much as we did creating it and can see just how special all of these people are and appreciate them as much as I do.


Kate King


Hayley Franklin

Hayley Franklin is a Sydney Australia based, self taught artist. She works primarily in drawing and painting, keeping the colour palette minimal. Hayley’s subject matter is predominantly portraiture, she seeks to invite the observer into the gaze of her subjects, to highlight the mood of the individual. Whilst also exploring her passion in creating digital art.

Drawing inspiration from the structure of the face, the pose, the intensity of the subject.

Her work journeys through human expression using simple line, capturing emotion and celebrating the diversity of her subjects.

Instagram: @hayleyfrankart