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our favourite women

As this issue is dedicated to International Women’s Day, we decided to do mix it up and asked our writers to talk about their favourite women. Our profiles feature: Hari Nef, Eileen Kelly, Julia Zemiro and Solange Knowles.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

period cup

Written by Andi Lopez.

Although menstruating is a vital part of female biology, for the most part it’s really just quite an inconvenience. As someone who’s always looking to live my best inconvenience-free life, it was a game changer when I finally decided to venture away from pads and tampons to a more environmentally and financially sustainable alternative.

comfort women

Written by Blanca Arcayos.

Winston Churchill said that history is written by the victors. Unfortunately, this is the way the Japanese government have attempted to erase their dark history of sexual enslavement to women in several Asian countries during World War II.

Source: Andi Lopez

Source: Andi Lopez

new girls on the block

Written and shot by Andi Lopez.

In this issue of Maidenhair Press, I had the privilege of introducing three incredibly stylish people who I believe embody what it means to own themselves through fashion.