Eileen Kelly: Making America Sex Positive (Again)


As the title suggests, making America sex educated is something 23-year-old sex educator, Eileen Kelly is trying to change. The world seems like a crazy place at the moment, especially for our generation. We live in a world where social media and politics are at the forefront. Ten years ago, social media and politics were at opposites of the spectrum. Now, with the accessibility of social media, everyone likes to speak their mind whether they are well informed or not.

Informing people is what Eileen Kelly is trying to do with her social media following through her sex education blog, Killer and A Sweet Thang. She describes the blog as “the sex ed they never got.”

Like most people with a huge Instagram following, Eileen gained her followers through Tumblr by giving people advice when she was sixteen years old. A nostalgic moment for myself as I remember spending hours on Tumblr reading ordinary girls giving advice and thinking they were the Messiah. This is exactly what she is trying to achieve with her sex-ed blog. Eileen explains her blog is “peer to peer” as hearing how to practice safe sex from your health teacher who is a middle aged man does not translate well to young adults, particularly young women.

Despite the anecdotal nature of her blog, her credibility should not be underestimated. Eileen is a qualified sex educator. Meaning she is able to speak at high schools and universities about sex education. This is a quality that I think sets her apart from every other girl on Instagram. Eileen defines the phrase, Killer and A Sweet Thang as the duality of people in their 20’s. There is a side that hustles, and a side that enjoys life. Her personal Instagram account with the same name perfectly sums up the balance of being passionate about certain issues but still being a girl in her 20’s.

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

As I touched on before, social media is easily accessible to anyone meaning they can spread information instantly with a wide reach whether that information is informed or not. It is easy to post a photo of a sticker to say that you’ve voted. It is easy to hold up signs at protests and pose for a photo on social media. It is easy to take part in an ad for Pepsi that exploits real issues for capital gain then plead forgiveness due to ignorance (Yes, that was a Kendall Jenner drag. I’m sorry, it was right there).

The difference with Eileen Kelly, is that she uses her following to spread knowledge with the credentials to back it up. In an era where people choose to blur the lines between opinion and fact, education makes a difference.

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