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Check out this issue’s good tunes, good watch, and good listen with a little female driven flare dedicated to International Women’s Day.

Source: Apple Itunes

Source: Apple Itunes

good tunes: hiatus kaiyote

Written by Kate King

The future soul sound of Hiatus Kaiyote will transport you to a dance dimension like no other. With funky synth samples and jazz melodies, their sound steps away from the traditional funk beat. With a nomination for a Grammy in 2013, their music has only delved deeper into the style. Their 2015 album, Choose Your Weapon, features the huskiness and eloquence of lead vocalist Nai Palm, and includes some heavier dance tracks along with their popular futuristic sound. Keep an eye out for a potential album in the coming year as rumoured recording of a new album was to begin in 2018.  

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Source:  Vogue

Source: Vogue

good watch: period. End of sentence.

Written by Blanca Arcayos

This documentary short is a groundbreaking Oscar win for female driven content. It follows women living in a rural area of India where discussing menstruation has become such a taboo, it has become a problem for women when they have to endure this process each month. Living in a developed country, we sadly forget the poverty other populations are still in. This includes our society's accepted norms when it comes to menstruation and women's bodies in general. It is inspiring seeing how these women are empowered in other aspects of their life through the simple act of providing sanitary products to other women.

Source:  iTunes

Source: iTunes

good listen: pillow talk

Written by Blanca Arcayos

Pillow Talk is a podcast hosted by Eileen Kelly and Jacob Seferian that reinvents sex education in the modern era of social media. They discuss a multitude of topics relating all things sex positive with guest speakers each episode. No matter how sex educated you think you are or not, you’re sure to learn something new about human sexuality with each episode. The first episode discusses surrogate partner therapy which explores the stigma of lacking intimacy meaning there’s something wrong with you.