New Girls On The Block


From Ancient Egypt to the Victorian Era, from popular trends to uniforms, clothing has always been a medium used to express one’s identity. With fashion and styling becoming a more popular form of creative expression, our culture is becoming increasingly enriched.

In this issue of Maidenhair Press, I had the privilege of introducing three incredibly stylish people who I believe embody what it means to own themselves through fashion.

For the following looks Carole (@cazdon), Ashlee (@peachtings) and Meg (@gingerkissz5evr) had the freedom to style themselves. I only gave them two instructions - one outfit had to incorporate the colour purple to match this issue’s theme, and the other outfit had to be one they felt the most comfortable and confident in. It’s safe to say they did not disappoint!


Who or what influences your style and why?

Carole: Paloma Elesser and the people I surround myself with. Paloma really bends the rules of what women ‘should’ wear and that makes me feel more confident in what I choose to wear. I’ve got some really fashionable friends and I’m so influenced by their energy and how they display themselves.

Meg: Different eras and seasons influence my personal style. At the moment my favourite brands are Gypsy Sport, Daisy and Tres Rasche. Oh and Barragan is another brand I love right now!

Ashlee: I have a lot of influences, but I definitely just go off colour. I’m very colour based… when I’m getting dressed I’ll either theme the day by what I feel, like ‘oh, I feel like being goth today!’ or I’ll just want to wear a certain colour so I’ll theme it around that. I like to make colours pop so I wear things that help [compliment] the colour. I definitely wear a lot of vintage fashion - like 90’s, 70’s and 80’s. I wore this 40’s style dress for Valentine’s Day which was really nice... but with sneakers! Always with sneakers.


How has social media affected your sense of style?

Carole: It’s influenced my style because you can find inspiration in what everyone wears and twist it into your own style. Social media is such a great platform in that sense because you can explore all different styles and incorporate that into your own.

Meg: Social media allows for instantaneous creative expression. I have gained creative inspiration, connections and a platform to express myself in turn through this medium.

Ashlee: I try to stay away from social media… I’m not on it all the time. I only post because I genuinely like to make my layout look pretty, so if you ever see my instagram it’s literally just like a rainbow. I do look at a lot of pinterest though if that counts as social media, I LOVE pinterest. I started from interior design - that’s also what kind of influences my fashion which is weird. I studied a bit of interior design and I just felt like that taught me more about colour than anything else I’ve studied.


How does your chosen outfit best express you, and what do you do to express yourself through fashion?

Carole: I’m one comfy gal and I love to dress myself in anything that I’m comfy in and cinches my waist - shoutout to my mum for the waist! I try to express myself through my hair as well. I went through a phase of all different coloured hair and I felt that represented me well at that time. However, now I’m icy blonde which represents me well at this point in my life.

Meg: This outfit is one of my favourites at the moment. The peasant-like style white boob tube contrasts dramatically with the fluro green skirt, paired with my Nike Uptempo's. I envisioned an ode to the 90's. I like to express myself through interesting colour combinations and exploring the duality between femininity and masculinity.

Ashlee: My style is very eclectic... I always op shop, cos I like to make ugly things pretty. Even if it’s not ugly and it’s just different - like this dress is size 18 and I just tried it on and thought it would work if I just put a belt around it, but I didn’t have to, it was cool! I like to wear things that flatter you in ways you wouldn’t think.


Meg @gingerkissz5evr

Ashlee @peachtings

Carole @cazdon

Andi is a columnist for Maidenhair Press. She mainly writes about fashion and life advice as these are the things she is most passionate about. She also curates fashion shoots each issue for the magazine which you can find in her fashion columns and the gallery.

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