Philb: Train trips with Vikings

by kate king


His quirky but character driven art is something you want to stick everywhere. From Viking caricatures to popular culture figures like Thor and Spiderman, Philb’s art is stepping up the paint pen artists’ game. Phil is an artist from Brisbane, whose work is unique in its style and often comical in its message. It consists predominantly of his Viking figures, who include an array of male and female Norse mythology like characters with their own unique personalities.


“A lot of the Viking stuff it just kind of happened through the creation process of wanting to make designs and creating stickers and characters.”


His stickers and artwork includes Vikings all stemmed from a small idea of an ambigram. An ambigram in this case is when you look at an image one way and then when you flip it, it can create a different perspective. His original sticker ‘Squid, Viking, Squid’ was what started it all.


“More about the creation of characters, when I got into street art and stickers. They were talking about having a representative character so when people look at it, it’s like a personal branding or a branding that people recognise as yours or something you’ve created”.



From an early age, Phil was surrounded by art with his father sketching and drawing. He took art classes in school and from there began making his art in his spare time.


“I did a lot of art in high school, and when I left high school I went straight into I guess working and kinda did it in my spare time. A lot of it was done sitting on the train to and from work,


“You get told it’s very difficult to be an artist as a profession, so it was always in the back of my mind that you need to kind of get a job, and earn money through working. It was never something I really looked at as a career… For me at the moment I call it a hobby that pays for itself, I earn enough money from it to fun it so that it doesn’t cost me any money so I’m pretty happy with that”.


Being surrounded by artists always creating is something that anyone would fine inspiring. After picking up the Ironlak pump action paint pens, Phil could find his little tribe with a group of artists.



“Once I started meeting other artists, we all just fed off each other’s energy. We have regular meet ups, sticker trading and creating sitting up for a few hours having a cider just sketching and talking about ideas…


The more people create and how often they create is what inspires me. Seeing somebody creating new work every day pushes me to create new work every day”.


Phil will be at the Scandinavian festival on the 9th of September where you can have a chat and check out his work.

Instagram: @Phi1b