Good Tunes

Some Rap Songs- Earl Sweatshirt

Image Source: Genius

Image Source: Genius

Earl Sweatshirt Recently dropped his third studio album Some Rap Songs. His long awaited return has left fans hyped with his new sound. With a mix between avant-garde jazz and hip hop, his new music brings a fresh take to the genre. His tracks bounce with warped vocal samples, scattered beats and a traditional vinyl sound throughout some tracks. This new project is surrounded by imperfections that almost make it a perfect comeback album. With cassette hisses and the dust popping off vinyl the rough style surrounding this work means leaps and bounds for the young artist.      

Good Read

1984- George Orwell


1984 is the classic George Orwell book that most dread having to read in High School. Although the title may strike fear into the hearts of school students, it is one that continues to draw fear but in a much harsher light. The book outlines a dystopian future in which the oppression of freedom of speech and writing are prominent within this world. Understanding that this new society relies on fact through memory makes the reader correlate a lot of themes in the novel to what has happened in our history, and potentially future. The disappearance of historically important people, events themselves, and the complete decimation of language is a terrifying reality in Orwell’s dystopian world that we ourselves may face in future. It may seem a heavy text to take on but Orwell’s artistry in writing and knack for character development means there is something for everyone in this novel… even a little romance!

Image Source: Penguin UK

Image Source: Penguin UK

Good Watch


Photo sourced through  INSIDER

Photo sourced through INSIDER

This movie has become one of the most polarising opinions in recent years. I acknowledge and agree with most of the criticisms of this film. It’s not perfect. As are most of the films we love and adore that were released in the 2000’s. For the other half that have not seen this film, it’s all your favourite British actors in a movie that explores the nuances of love… in the lead up to Christmas. Delivered of course with the classic British humour and charm. Understandably, the relationships in this film are where the criticisms lie so it begs the question, is it Love Actually? Perhaps not. Is it Christmas Actually? Precisely.